Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

Beach Beauty


I live near the ocean so being on the beach is one of my and my friends most beloved activity. To me, there is nothing more summery than lying on the beach, dipping occasionally into the ocean, play endless games of beach ball or volleyball, taking a nap and munching away some fruits. Naturally. I want to protect my skin and hair and look pretty overall, but I don't want having to worry about make-up running down my cheeks and staining my beach towel.

There are a few things I can rely on and that make me enjoying every second of my beach day in full mode. 

1. Suncreen. Is. A. Must. Always. I wear SPF 50 on my face (love the EUCERIN ones) and on my body SPF 30 (recently tried this COOLA one which smells like Pina Colada - apperently it contains a lot of alcohol and can be a bit dehydrating. A much gentler version I like is the AVENE one).


2. A Cute Bikini. I love love love love this one above by Marysia. Too bad, it is insanely priced. How good, that H&M has a similar one.


3. A Hat and an Umbrella. Sun damage is serious, so it's not recommendable to spend the whole day in the full sun. It's super important, to protect the skin a lot and spend some time in the shadow as well. You don't have to worry about not getting a tan, as the sun reflections of the water do darken the skin enough. Plus, being super tanned is so 2001. 

4. Hairprotection. The sunrays also damage the hair und dry it out so so much. That's why I always put on a tiny bit of hair conditioner on the ends after swimming and sprit my hair all over with a hair SPF (I really like the Kerastase one, but other brands also have good ones).

How cute is this playsuit from Paloma Blue made of silk? It would be perfect as a beach cover up! via

5. Healthy snacks. When everyone is munching potato chips or fries, it's always good to have some healthy options for fighting any possible temptation. I love taking fresh fruits like watermelon and pineapples to the beach as they are delicious, sweet and filling but do not bloat or feel to heavy overall.

5. A good book read. For in between swimming or playing games, no there is the time to do some reading! I recently started reading the biography by Vogue's Grace Coddington and I am obsessed with this woman! Such a light, fun and super interesting read - perfect for this time on the beach!


6. Lash Extensions. I love my lash extensions especially around this time of the year, as I always look kind of presentable, even without wearing any make-up. Best thing is, I don't have to worry about mascara or looking tired!


7. A hint of make-up for the beach bar. Whilst I am not so much of a fan of a full glam'ed-on beach look, I always have a couple of products with me, to help my look a bit fresher for getting some drinks in a nice beach bar after having spend the whole day on the beach. I always take a bit of the RMS concealer for under the eyes and around the nose, some RMS or Bobbie Brown cream rouge and a soft colored eyeliner (I have very dark brown eyes and love blue or purple in the summer). Add some lipgloss and I am good to go!


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