Montag, 4. April 2016

The drink that boosts your glow so much you'd be crazy to miss it


Although I love drinking coffee, over the last years I have been becoming a convinced tea-enthusiast. So on most days, I start with having a huge cup of green tea.

What's so great about green tea?

#1 Green tea gives longterm energy.
 Green tea contains a big amount of caffein, so it's great for kickstarting in the morning. Unlike the caffein in coffee, the one in green tea does take a bit more time to become effective in the body, but therefore it stays longer around. So instead of going full potential and regrade in a short time, leaving you even more tired than before, the caffein in green tea energizes slowly and steadily (think of marathon compared to a sprint).

#2 Green tea has so many health benefits it's crazy
Green tea leaves are loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals (besides their cool name, free radicals are destroying the cells from within your body and causing not only premature aging but can also lead to cancer). The antioxidants in green tea are also super powerful as they are 100 times more effective than the ones in vitamin c and 25 times more effective than the ones in vitamin e (source - unfortunately only in German). The components in green tea protect the heart, prevent arthritic and osteoporosis and many other diseases such as diabetic and obeseness. Green tea also boots your immune system and helps softening allergic reactions. 


#3 Green tea helps well-aging
As it contains so many powerful antioxidants, green tea helps aging well. It boots the skin up and prevents wrinkles and premature aging. Studies have shown, that people, who drink green tea on a regular basis, live longer and age slower than others. As a bonus, drinking enough hydrates the body from within and is therefore essential for the organs but also for fighting dehydration in the skin, which again provides dull skin and premature aging.

#4 Green tea tastes ah-mazing!
Even if you don't like the taste of pure green tea, there are so many great ones on the market, that are infused with rose petals or vanilla and taste desert-like. In general, I avoid tea in teabags as they are usually of inferior quality and produce so much waste. I prefer going to the local tea store and get some fresh and high quality tea. Surprisingly, this tea is way cheaper, than popping one tea bag in a mug as it's higher quality does mean you not only need less of it, good quality tea can also be brewed several times without losing it taste (I usually brew a pot green tea in the morning and use the tea two or three times through out the day again). 

If you don't have a local tea supplier, Kusmi makes lovely green tea (Love the DETOX and the Rose one!).

 #5 How to make the perfect cup (or can) of green tea:
Boil water and then let it cool down for three minutes (this way, the temperature should be around 75 to 80° which is crucial for keeping all the mentioned health benefits and getting the full aroma). Then, infuse the tea with the water and let it sink in for three minutes. You can use a tea-egg, if you don't want to make a whole can (I usually go for the whole can though).

Afterwards, remove the tea and enjoy!

XOXO Gabriela 

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