Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

I Found A Sugar Free Chocolate That Tastes Like The Real Deal

Welcome: Xukkolade- a Xylit infused goodness being chocolate! (It's name even resembles the German word for chocolate - Schokolade)

I have been using Xucker (made of Xylitol an serves as a sugar replacement) in my kitchen for years and use it instead of sugar all the times. So recently while ordering a new package of Xucker, I stumbled upon this product here. So of course I had to try it out.

I can almost hear you asking: What the F is Xylit?

Despite it's artificial sounding name, Xylit is a natural sweetener that is extracted from birch barks. It has 30% less calories than sugar and strengths the teeth, prevents caries and whitens the teeth overtime (sounds too good to be true, Right!). Xylitol is often used in whitening gums acting as a sweetener and - you guessed it - teeth whitener. 

So while replacing most of refined sugar out of my diet has not been that much of a deal, cutting back on chocolate would really kill my mood (that's why I don't do it).

So how nice, that there is a better option out there (Note: whilst Xukkolade is healthier than regular chocolate it still contains a lot of calories, so I don't eat too much of it). The taste is fine - it tastes like a standard dark chocolate. I even had some of my - male - colleagues who don't care for sugar free food try a bit of Xukkolade and everyone of them confirmed, that there is no difference whatsoever to regular chocolate. There is nothing artificial about the taste and I find this chocolate as satisfying as the real deal. The only downside is, that it doesn't melt that easily in the mouth than my favorite Lindt chocolate.

So I really enjoy eating Xucolade as an afternoon treat. I love the way it satisfies my chocolate cravings while making me feel good about me.


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