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How To Survive A Weekend Getaway Without Bringing Your Whole Closet

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Everybody who knows me, knows that I have a (strong) tendency to overpack. Only the strong travel light - mmh then I'm probably not so strong than I would like me to be. However, over the years and countless stressed-out moments at the security check at the airport or while trying to close my suitcase, I learned a few tipps and tricks on how to pack (relatively) light and still be prepared for everything that might happen on the trip.

Before stuffing my whole closet into a always way too small suitcase I ask my self a few questions:

#1 aka The Obvious Ones: Where am I going? A trip to my boyfriends parents might require a way different wardrobe than going skiing or on a city trip. Closely connected to this question is: What are my plans? Only lying on the beach and sipping fruity cocktails? No need for five pairs of High-Heels but a few bikinis and killer sunglasses are a must.

#2 Build your outfits around basics. Jeans and a crisp white blouse look always great no matter what. For dressing down I would throw on some sandals and delicate jewelry and be good to go for the daytime. At night, a nice pair of heels and a great clutch will transform the basic outfit into a night time- fancy-restaurant-approved outfit. Oh, and don't forget a nice lipstick! 


#3 Which leads me to... The Extra aka No-Such-Thing-As-Too-Much-Bling! Spice up everything with a few outstanding accessoires! I love a great pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace or a nice statement heel for going out. Make sure to bring a great handbag that can work both day and night (though bringing a little clutch never hurt as as well..). I love my Givenchy Antigona, though for a city trip I would bring a great crossbody bag, like this beauty from Gucci. Switching up the accessoires game allows you to wear your basics and still look different and polished every time. 

via vogue - source

#4 The Emergency Kit: Spilled tomatoes sauce or ice-cream residues on a white shirt or fluff on a black coat is never a good look. Never. So bring a small bottle of laundry detergent (I always decanter into these small bottles by MAC - they are the best in my opinion) and a fluff roller and always immediately take care of your clothing. This is not only better for your clothing (no, stains don't get better overtime) but for your look, too. I also never regretting bringing a safety pin, a small needle and some emergency fibre.

#5 The Beauty Break Down. Although I am obsessed with beauty, I always make myself go minimal for a weekend getaway. So I use samples (esp. for cleansers and eye creams - getaways or vacations are a great time for trying new products) or decanter my must-haves into the already mentioned MAC Bottles (although I should probably get a labeling machine... as the bottles do all look the same and I therefore need to sniff at the bottles for finding the right products- weird looks by everyone around included!).

Premature aging and early wrinkles? No, thank you! So no matter how small the space, I always bring some sunblocker with me. Also, a great perfume is also always a good idea. Usually, for short getaways I rely on samples, though this Tom Ford Perfume has sneaked it's way into my beauty case on way too many occasions (obsessed!).

The make up is simple and polished - some tinted moisturizer, concealer, cream blush, cream eyeshadow and a dash of powder is enough. Since I wear eyelash extensions and dye my eyebrows every week I can skip the rest. I also always bring a lip conditioner (This La Roche Posay one is my fave!), lip gloss and lipstick.

#6 Last But Not Least: Leave some space in your weekender for great souvenirs or a fancy little splurge. And if you forget to bring anything, relax! Nothing worse than being in a bad mood – so smile and be happy about having an excuse for buying a new shirt (or shoe, or lipstick – you get the idea).

XOXO Gabriela

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