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Editor's Cult Staple - The Tonic That Everybody And Their Mother Are Obsessed With

For years, Beauty Experts and  Editors from around the world swear by Biologique Recherche's P50 lotion. It's often called the best beauty product of all times and with skincare goddess Caroline Hirons and beauty genius Emily Weiß loving it, there must be something about it, right?

What is it and what makes it so great?
BR P50 is an exfoliating toner that at the same time strengths the skin barrier and gives it the most perfect glow. It fights acne and clears the skin up, prevents further blemishes and ingrown hairs and refines the skin texture. It also helps with diminishing sun spots and is supposed to soften wrinkles. Overall the skin tone and texture is getting more even and radiant (sounds too good, to be true? Right, that's what I thought as well).

The tonic comes in three different strengths, that are formulated for different skin types. If a skin is used to acidic formulations, it usually can tolerate a higher concentration of the P50, though it's always recommended to ask the BR people about which one to use.

So there are:

P50 The classic and strongest one of the bunch (this is the one I use, as I have used acidic tonics on a regular basic before and my skin doesn't isn't sensitive towards the use of acids).

P50V The P50V is recommended for mature / drier skin types.

P50W This is the mildest formulation and great for sensitive skin. In general, this is the one the lovely people at BR recommend to beginners. 

In the US there are three more versions as they offer all the above ones also in the original 1970 formulation containing phenol. As this ingredient is banned in Europe we cannot get it here.

My experience
So after all the buzz, I finally gave in and purchased a small bottle of the P50. The bottle looks fancy and french and somewhat expensive (funny that, as it really is expensive). After cleansing my skin, I put a bit of the P50 on a cotton pad and patted it unto my dry face. The smell is not too great, though, as it smells like vinegar. Fortunately the scent doesn't linger too long around and after a few night it doesn't even bother me at all.

Sp after two month diligently sweeping the P50 over my face at night, I am officially hooked. Obsessed in the most maniac I-Can-Never-Ever-Be-Without-Way.  

I love, love, love the results. After a few days only my skin became brighter and more even. Since using the P50 I only had a minor breakout that was gone overnight. I had a few stubborn marks from previous breakouts that varnished completely in a few weeks (and yes, before P50 I regularly exfoliated my skin). Left is fresh, radiant skin. I mean, people even starting complementing my skin and asked for my skincare routine. It's crazy.

I also really feel that the serum I apply post-P50 is more effective and can deeply sink into my skin and do it's magic. Another plus to me is, that a little of the P50 goes a long way. After two month and with using it every night I have still 3/4 of the 150ml bottle left. 

It is safe to say that I am addicted to the P50 and probably use it forever. I even supplied my mom with a bottle of this liquid goodness (and guess what - she is obsessed, too!).

XOXO Gabriela

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