Sonntag, 17. April 2016

A Perfect Saturday

So here it is, my first appearance on the blog! Hello :)

It's weekend, folks! Saturday is my favorite day of the week, because I get to do all the things I didn't have enough time over the week and can unwind for a few hours.

So like almost every week, my Saturday yesterday started with a lazy breakfast with the boyfriend. 

After that, I hopped into my gym clothes and headed to the gym for a nice and long workout. I love working out on Saturday because there is no time pressure and I can really focus on my body goals. On top of that, the gym on Saturday (morning) is usually super empty - so double win! 

Feel kinda stupid posing like this but you can see the super cool cut of this top - I love its deep cut and that it lets my sports bra peek through. Another major plus - the material is so so so soft it's insane!

New workout gear always gets me so motivate to work out. I mean, how cool is Beyoncé's new workout line IVY PARK? I received a few bits and pieces out of the collection on Friday and couldn't wait to work out in these! They are also super reasonable priced. No surprise they sold out in a few hours on net-a-porter!

New Instyle and an afternoon at the Day Spa - pure bliss!

After a quick lunch smoothie with le boyfriend, we headed to one of the most beautiful Day Spa here in Kiel - the SANCTUM SPA at Kieler Kaufmann. It was a very welcomed Valentine's Day from my boyfriend and we finally found a free weekend to unwind for a few hours. I only had been in the restaurant at Kieler Kaufmann before and always enjoyed the beautiful location and great service. But the Spa - oh boy, it's beautiful, relaxing, calm and the pool is huge! There are two saunas (one Finnish, the other one is a steam sauna) and an extra relaxing room. Oh, and of course you don't have to bring anything, at the reception of the hotel they'll hand you a bathrobe, slippers and two huge towels in a huge bag.

I had the most relaxing back massage and facial and finished our time-off with a few rounds in the pool, healthy herbal tea and two walks in the sauna. 

I love how the face glows after going to the sauna. I feel and look healthy and rested. I really should go the sauna more often. Also it's super good for the body to sweat out all the toxins in the body. 

 I love the Shu Uemera Oil - it's the best and nourishes my hair perfectly. I only take a small amount and work it through my lengths. It also smells divine!
I always put some (read: loads) oil in my hair before stepping into the heat and put a serum (love this one)  plus a mask like the origins one on my face. The origins mask goes on clear  if you spread only a light layer onto the skin, so you don't look like a crazy lady while lying in the sauna. The heat lets everything penetrate deeply into the skin and helps the hair oil do it's magic :)


XOXO Gabriela

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