Samstag, 26. März 2016

You Can Stop Putting Nasties On Your Nails Now


As much as I love wearing nail polish, I always hated the fact they have all these nasties inside. In the name of beauty we put all these chemical nasties on our nails that are even known for triggering or promoting cancer and fertility problems (see this article for further information).

Unfortunately, in the past this meant that you either had to skip nail polish overall, as the more natural formulations could not compete with the conventional ones in terms of color and longevity, or felt bad about yourself for painting your nails nevertheless.

So when I went for a manicure last week at my favorite day spa, I was uber exciting when the manicurist told me they had KURE BAZAAR Nail Polish new in.What's great about these polishes is that they are 5 free which means they don't contain any of the harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor that most nail polishes are based on.

I could not believe that these Nail Polishes are natural based (85 percent of the formulation is natural ingredients) and the formulation is based on wood pulp. wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn and still in my day spa they heard nothing but great reviews from their customers.

They have super modern colors and don't look bio at all! You wouldn't even guess, they are anyhow different to your average Chanel Polish. So I chose Scandal (I am all team nude, dark red and red in terms of polish) and expected the polish to chip soon. The manicurist applied the First Base Coat and two coats of colors and sealed everything in with the Top Coat. My manicure looked high shine and perfect, though due to the natural ingredients I did not expect my manicure to last more then a few day.

Boy, was I wrong! Day five and still looking impeccable I ordered the colors myself. I mean, why should I put on any off this toxic stuff on my nails when I can have the same (and better) results without harming my health?

My manicurist also told me this extra tip for prolonging the longevity of your manicure (bless her!) and that we all have been using top coat wrong. So instead of only applying top coat once, she told me to apply every two days a thin layer to my nails. This way the manicure stays uber shiny and the top coat protects everything. So. Genius.

XOXO Gabriela 

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