Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Why Korean Skincare Is The New French Pharmacy*


With all the BB, CC and up to EE creams, Essences and Cushion Compacts launching in our departments stores, it cannot been unseen that the Korean's Beauty regime is taking over the west. Instragam and Youtube are full of reviews of Korean Beauty products and are promoting Korean Beauty even further. Korean Beauty Brands are setting the trends for make-up and skincare and the rest of the world follows.

Although most of the BB etc. creams launched from western make-up brands may differ from the original Korean BB creams (our's tend to be more formulated like a tinted moisturizer whilst the original is more of a thicker, almost pasty yet incredible beautifying and protecting cream) I see more and more Korean Brands in the shelfs or easily purchasable in German (or European) Onlinestores.

Whilst I really like Korean Make-up, I am obsessed with the Korean Skincare.

South Korean women all have this flawless, fresh porcelain natural looking skin and this  ia all is due to their famous skincare routine that can take up to ten steps. Korean women start with a diligent skincare regime from a very young and invest a lot of money and time every day and night to archive and maintain a beautiful complexion. So with Korean Skincare it's all about continuously protecting the skin and preventing (any or further) skin damages. Even without investing in Korean Products, I think this approach is important and can easily be integrated in a current skin care routine.

What I love about Korean Skincare is, that although these products are powerful and deliver great performances, they are still gentle to the skin.

With skincare being such a huge thing in Korea and the industry keeping on booming, the prices are pleasantly moderate. This means that one can get a decent well formulated product without breaking the bank (and who doesn't love a bargain?).

Once I got over the sometimes loud and playful (to my taste: tacky) packaging, I discovered that these gimmicky-looking creams and pots really contain incredible high-tech performance ingredients. Korean Skincare products also are often made of unique and "interesting" components such as snail slime, placenta or egg white next to scientific ingredients.  Actually, most of these unusual components didn't sound too great to me first (I mean snail slime and egg white, really?)


 But as soon as I had a closer look at the benefits of e. g. snail slime I couldn't help but be truly impressed (did you know that the snail produces this slime to repair small wounds in it is skin from - eh - sliming around the ground?) and now happily apply my Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack cream three nights per week (I am very picky but I did not notice anything odd about the scent or touch to this product, if I didn't know it contained 50 % snail slime extract I would never have guessed). Since discovering Korean Beauty I also pop on a sheet mask if I look or feel tired or exhausted to plump my skin up give it a much needed boost.

The amazing results were somehow surprising to me, as I would never have connected these funny looking pots with the most advanced skincare technology. I still prefer a more luxe feel to my skincare products (I am superficial like that) and I don't place all these products on my beauty shelf in my bathroom, but I find myself using and enjoying more and more Korean Skincare products and loving the results on my skin.


XOXO Gabriela

*I would never give up French Pharmacy and am still loyal to my French Pharmacy Products. Whilst French Pharmacy products are usually very mild and natural formulated and therefore have a different approach to skincare, I enjoy using both for having the best of both worlds.

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