Dienstag, 29. März 2016

What I loved in March

my favorite scent this past month- Spring Flower by Creed
To me, this month was all about prepping for spring.

#1 Therefore I placed a few orders at ZARA. I am obsessed with this Chanel-inspired Blazer and can't wait to wear it with dark skinny Jeans or distressed denim!

#2 I read the "life changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo (Brilliant read! You need to read it!) and made a huge spring cleaning session in my apartment. So refreshing!

#3 I also sorted out my bathroom shelves and put the thick cremes and heavy oils away and switched to lighter formulations for the warmer months. 

Love these Korean Mask. I also wrote a blog post about Korean Skincare here 
#4 I took out my favorite spring perfume out of my cabin - love love love this scent from Creed- it's name - Spring Flower - describes perfectly how this scent smells like to me.


#5 I loved using this shampoo and this conditioner by Rahua. They are super natural and smell divine. The Finishing Treatment is also lovely and protect my strands from heat and reduces frizz. Furthermore they give my hair the much appreciated rich-girl's-hair-feeling that is full, bouncy, healthy and uber-shiny. Every time I use this trio I get compliments on my hair. I will write a more detailed review soon. 

#6 I spent a lot of time with my friends and family for easter and enjoyed going out a few nights in a row and meeting everyone. I love getting dressed up and I got to wear my favorite clutch by MIU MIU a lot.

#7 My boyfriend and I discovered this black whitening toothpaste by Ecodenta in a tiny little store in Lübeck after we ran out of our black one we brought from Thailand. This toothpaste is organic (and even vegan) and contains a mixture of charcoal and a special ingredient called TeavigoTM that will brighten the teeth in a very natural way over time. The toothpaste is black so it's a bit weird looking and I don't use it every time I brush my teeth as I have very white teeth already. But I really enjoyed using it so far and feel it cleans my teeth very nicely and effective which let them looking extra bright. It also has a fresh minty scent.

#8 Through the whole month of march I have been working out a lot and getting my body summer ready. I really enjoyed working out on the Power Plate like device (it's a vibrating platform that works all the deep and small muscles while exercising on it) as it is super effective and takes only twenty minutes. So it's great for when I am in a hurry or have a massive amount of work on my agenda but still want to do something for my body and fitness.

XOXO Gabriela

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