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When it comes to glow-y skin, a little bit of color truly helps. As much as I love a bronze goddess-like look I try to stay out of the sun and make sure my skin is always protected. Lucky for us, for bronzing up our look up we don't have to bake for hours in the sun and risk looking like a crocodile in our early 30s.

So for getting that lit-from-within healthy and radiant look I rely on a few tried and tested products and turn my bathroom into the perfect glocation (see what I did here?!). 

#1 First, it's key to create a smooth canvas - no rough and flakey skin, so that the color will not build up on unwanted places. Therefore, peeling the skin is essential. At the moment, I enjoy using my Rituals Hamman Hot Scrub as it leaves my skin silky soft and smells like the most divine spa. 

#2 After stepping out of the shower, I will moisturize my skin with a light moisturizer like this Nivea one and let that skin in for a few moments. 

#3 Next I take my beloved St. Tropez tanning mit and apply a small amount of the James Read Gradual Tan Body lotion in medium all over my body starting with my feet and working my way up to my back. I love that this does not have this typical self tan odor and will develop a beautiful and realistic color in a couple of hours. I love, that I can slowly build up the color as much as I want to. So usually, when I am super pale I just use the James Read Gradual Tan lotion three days in a row and then every three days to keep the color. Also it does not get patchy and never transfers on my sheet. 

#4 For a night out I like to use a couple of drops of a shimmer oil like this Nuxe one. It does not only smell like summer and vacation but it will also promote the bronzy sunkissed look and looks simple beautifully. I love that the shimmer not glittery but subtle and very elegant. 

Et voilà - perfect summery bronzed skin with a glow-y sheen that immediately lifts the mood and makes spontaneous sundress-shopping fun and cheerful (no fear of the cabin light with this trick).

XOXO Gabriela

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