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I Had A LED Light Treatment And It Was The Best Facial I Ever Had

As I keep reading about the pros of LED Light Treatment and hearing how every celebrity from Gucci Westmann to Jessica Alba is swearing on these I went for having one myself last week. I mean if it's good enough for Gucci Westmann it's clearly good enough for me, right?

What is it?
LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Treatments are using a source that emits infrared light (funny that!). In most cases LED Light Treatments are administered via an arrangement of LED panels that the facialist places directly a few cm in front of the skin. The machine does not touch the skin, the skin is only exposed to the light. 

The Treatment usually begin with the facialist examining the skin and deciding what LED Light Treatment shall be done due to the condition of the skin.

There are two different lights that promote different things in the skin. The red one is inflammatory and helps with wrinkles and other issues of aging skin. The blue light is proven to destroy the bad bacterias in the skin that causes acne. Furthermore, the blue light can be used to control the sebum production and refine the skin texture but also improve oily skin overall.

There are also smaller devices for the use at home that also seam to get great reviews in the internet (I haven't tried these yet so I can't report back on these though).

beautiful Jessica Alba getting a LED Light Treatment via

How does it work?
To understand how submitting the skin to LED Light is rejuvenating and / or clearing up the skin we have to dig deep into science.

The usage of LED Light originates from the NASA  as they installed LED Lights to help plants grow in space. As the LED Light also seamed to have a positive impact on the cell renewal in the astronauts as well, the NASA started to experiment with LED Lights. They were amazed as the LED Light was found not only to preserve bone and muscle mass but also to help wounds heal faster. On top of this, the lights even raised collagen and elastin levels in the skin (according to this book, p. 152).

The reason for this is still not fully resolved and scientists are still arguing about it to this days.

The prevailing opinion is that the benefits of using low levels of visible or near infrared light are due to particular properties in the laser light. Furthermore, exposing the skin to the light treatment is thought to lead to highly beneficial processes in the skin like photobiomodulation and photobiostimulation (according to this article).


My experience with the LED Treatment
As I get the occasional spot around my jawline I went for the blue light treatment which is great for clearing up the skin and refining it's texture.

First the facialist cleaned the skin and put vitamin and botanical packed hydrating gel serum unto my skin. This is done to help the light penetrate better into the skin. Due to the light, the gel serum is also able to penetrate deeper into the skin, too. Then she installed the light panels in front of my face and left me for about twenty minutes in my cozy place relaxing while the light passed onto my skin.


The LED light felt super smoothing on my skin and was pleasantly refreshing at the same time. My mood even became better and my facialist told me after her return that these treatments are even known for helping reduce depressing and mood swings. 

Although I  just had a dermabrasion before the LED Treatment, my skin showed no more traces of redness and just felt super clear and glow-y from the inside (double-win!).

The best part about it is that after two to three days my skin looked even more refine and glowing then immediately after the treatment.

XOXO Gabriela

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