Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

Getting that glow on

I am a firm believer that everything you put on the inside of your body will not only affect your health and overall well-being in the most sincere way but will have a direct impact on the outside. So every consumed food will show on your skin. I can tell directly by looking at my face in the morning, if I have been eating healthy and have been really nourishing my body or if I have slacking my eating routine and have had a few too many unhealthy foods or glasses of white wine.

As Dr. Nigma Talib says in her brilliant book "Reverse the Signs of Ageing" we may not only be what we eat, but we are what we absorb. (Again it is a brilliant read, and in my opinion an absolute must for anyone who wants to learn about the deep connection between our internals and lifestyle and our health and the way we age- in the end that's where the much sought glow is coming from).

So what do I do to make sure to absorb all the right nutrients?
In general, of course, I watch what I eat through out the day and try to make smart and healthy choices of my food. I have a very balanced diet, which means that I usually eat about 80 -90 % healthy but also allow myself to have some chocolate or ice-cream from time to time if I fancy it. I believe, that even categorizing food in "good" and "bad" is dangerous, as no food consumed should ever lead to feeling bad about yourself.

I start most of my mornings with preparing a nice and delish smoothie, that will not only fill me up but also provides my body with everything I need.

So what's inside and how do I prepare my favourite smoothie?
- a small banana
- frozen spinach
- frozen kale
- a few mixed berries
- a scoop of protein powder
- a tablespoon of coconut oil
- a tablespoon of wheatgrass
- a tablespoon of chia seeds
- a tablespoon of psyllium fibre
- optional: a tablespoon of matcha

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until everything is smooth. Despite all the greens, this smoothie tastes like milk-shake and is soo good for everything. Even my boyfriend - a firm enemy of all the green juices out there- loves to have this shake in the morning, so I often prepare it for both of us.

XOXO Gabriela


  1. Hey Gabrielala,
    Ich habe heute Morgen direkt mal deinen Smoothie ausprobiert - ging super schnell und war sooo lecker! danke für die Inspiration :)

  2. Hey, freut mich, dass die der Smoothie geschmeckt hat! Liebe Grüße