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It seems that everybody is obsessed with detoxing and I feel this "trend" is getting a bit extreme. So green juicy diet for weeks and hardcore colon cleanses? Umm, no thank you. 

For me, it's all about living a healthy yet balanced lifestyle so for getting rid of all the toxins in my body I do oil-pulling every morning instead.

What is oil-pulling and what makes it so great?
Oil-pulling is originated from the ancients ayurvedic curative treatments and is supposed to improve the oral health and health overall as these toxins tend to treasure up in the mouth. It does not only reduce dental plague and other not so nice things, but with eliminating all the toxins in the mouth it also whitens the teeth in the most natural and gentle way. After a few weeks the skin will be more refined and radiant. Oil-pulling is also speeding up the metabolism and helps with headaches. 

So what better reason to start with oil-pulling right now than whither teeth, perfect skin and a boost for the metabolism?

How does it work?
While swishing the oil around the mouth it collects all the harmful substances floating in the mouth and the whole body. Therefore it is essential, that the oil is spit out after the procedure because with swallowing the whole toxins would go back into the body and all the benefits would have been lost.  

My Routine
Before brushing my teeth in the morning, I take a tablespoon full of oil (I really like this one as it is slightly minty, but coconut oil works also great) and swish it around my mouth and through the teeth. It is recommended to pull the oil for about 20 minutes, however I only do it for about 10 minutes while I am in the shower, washing my face and getting dressed. The oil gets very runny and milky and feels kind of weird in the mouth, but I got quickly used to it and no longer finds it to be uncomfortable. Afterwards, I spit the oil into a tissue and through it in the bin (it is important to not spit the oil into the sink as the oil may harden).

XOXO Gabriela

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