Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

Beach Beauty


I live near the ocean so being on the beach is one of my and my friends most beloved activity. To me, there is nothing more summery than lying on the beach, dipping occasionally into the ocean, play endless games of beach ball or volleyball, taking a nap and munching away some fruits. Naturally. I want to protect my skin and hair and look pretty overall, but I don't want having to worry about make-up running down my cheeks and staining my beach towel.

There are a few things I can rely on and that make me enjoying every second of my beach day in full mode. 

1. Suncreen. Is. A. Must. Always. I wear SPF 50 on my face (love the EUCERIN ones) and on my body SPF 30 (recently tried this COOLA one which smells like Pina Colada - apperently it contains a lot of alcohol and can be a bit dehydrating. A much gentler version I like is the AVENE one).


2. A Cute Bikini. I love love love love this one above by Marysia. Too bad, it is insanely priced. How good, that H&M has a similar one.


3. A Hat and an Umbrella. Sun damage is serious, so it's not recommendable to spend the whole day in the full sun. It's super important, to protect the skin a lot and spend some time in the shadow as well. You don't have to worry about not getting a tan, as the sun reflections of the water do darken the skin enough. Plus, being super tanned is so 2001. 

4. Hairprotection. The sunrays also damage the hair und dry it out so so much. That's why I always put on a tiny bit of hair conditioner on the ends after swimming and sprit my hair all over with a hair SPF (I really like the Kerastase one, but other brands also have good ones).

How cute is this playsuit from Paloma Blue made of silk? It would be perfect as a beach cover up! via

5. Healthy snacks. When everyone is munching potato chips or fries, it's always good to have some healthy options for fighting any possible temptation. I love taking fresh fruits like watermelon and pineapples to the beach as they are delicious, sweet and filling but do not bloat or feel to heavy overall.

5. A good book read. For in between swimming or playing games, no there is the time to do some reading! I recently started reading the biography by Vogue's Grace Coddington and I am obsessed with this woman! Such a light, fun and super interesting read - perfect for this time on the beach!


6. Lash Extensions. I love my lash extensions especially around this time of the year, as I always look kind of presentable, even without wearing any make-up. Best thing is, I don't have to worry about mascara or looking tired!


7. A hint of make-up for the beach bar. Whilst I am not so much of a fan of a full glam'ed-on beach look, I always have a couple of products with me, to help my look a bit fresher for getting some drinks in a nice beach bar after having spend the whole day on the beach. I always take a bit of the RMS concealer for under the eyes and around the nose, some RMS or Bobbie Brown cream rouge and a soft colored eyeliner (I have very dark brown eyes and love blue or purple in the summer). Add some lipgloss and I am good to go!


Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

I Found A Sugar Free Chocolate That Tastes Like The Real Deal

Welcome: Xukkolade- a Xylit infused goodness being chocolate! (It's name even resembles the German word for chocolate - Schokolade)

I have been using Xucker (made of Xylitol an serves as a sugar replacement) in my kitchen for years and use it instead of sugar all the times. So recently while ordering a new package of Xucker, I stumbled upon this product here. So of course I had to try it out.

I can almost hear you asking: What the F is Xylit?

Despite it's artificial sounding name, Xylit is a natural sweetener that is extracted from birch barks. It has 30% less calories than sugar and strengths the teeth, prevents caries and whitens the teeth overtime (sounds too good to be true, Right!). Xylitol is often used in whitening gums acting as a sweetener and - you guessed it - teeth whitener. 

So while replacing most of refined sugar out of my diet has not been that much of a deal, cutting back on chocolate would really kill my mood (that's why I don't do it).

So how nice, that there is a better option out there (Note: whilst Xukkolade is healthier than regular chocolate it still contains a lot of calories, so I don't eat too much of it). The taste is fine - it tastes like a standard dark chocolate. I even had some of my - male - colleagues who don't care for sugar free food try a bit of Xukkolade and everyone of them confirmed, that there is no difference whatsoever to regular chocolate. There is nothing artificial about the taste and I find this chocolate as satisfying as the real deal. The only downside is, that it doesn't melt that easily in the mouth than my favorite Lindt chocolate.

So I really enjoy eating Xucolade as an afternoon treat. I love the way it satisfies my chocolate cravings while making me feel good about me.


Sonntag, 17. April 2016

A Perfect Saturday

So here it is, my first appearance on the blog! Hello :)

It's weekend, folks! Saturday is my favorite day of the week, because I get to do all the things I didn't have enough time over the week and can unwind for a few hours.

So like almost every week, my Saturday yesterday started with a lazy breakfast with the boyfriend. 

After that, I hopped into my gym clothes and headed to the gym for a nice and long workout. I love working out on Saturday because there is no time pressure and I can really focus on my body goals. On top of that, the gym on Saturday (morning) is usually super empty - so double win! 

Feel kinda stupid posing like this but you can see the super cool cut of this top - I love its deep cut and that it lets my sports bra peek through. Another major plus - the material is so so so soft it's insane!

New workout gear always gets me so motivate to work out. I mean, how cool is Beyoncé's new workout line IVY PARK? I received a few bits and pieces out of the collection on Friday and couldn't wait to work out in these! They are also super reasonable priced. No surprise they sold out in a few hours on net-a-porter!

New Instyle and an afternoon at the Day Spa - pure bliss!

After a quick lunch smoothie with le boyfriend, we headed to one of the most beautiful Day Spa here in Kiel - the SANCTUM SPA at Kieler Kaufmann. It was a very welcomed Valentine's Day from my boyfriend and we finally found a free weekend to unwind for a few hours. I only had been in the restaurant at Kieler Kaufmann before and always enjoyed the beautiful location and great service. But the Spa - oh boy, it's beautiful, relaxing, calm and the pool is huge! There are two saunas (one Finnish, the other one is a steam sauna) and an extra relaxing room. Oh, and of course you don't have to bring anything, at the reception of the hotel they'll hand you a bathrobe, slippers and two huge towels in a huge bag.

I had the most relaxing back massage and facial and finished our time-off with a few rounds in the pool, healthy herbal tea and two walks in the sauna. 

I love how the face glows after going to the sauna. I feel and look healthy and rested. I really should go the sauna more often. Also it's super good for the body to sweat out all the toxins in the body. 

 I love the Shu Uemera Oil - it's the best and nourishes my hair perfectly. I only take a small amount and work it through my lengths. It also smells divine!
I always put some (read: loads) oil in my hair before stepping into the heat and put a serum (love this one)  plus a mask like the origins one on my face. The origins mask goes on clear  if you spread only a light layer onto the skin, so you don't look like a crazy lady while lying in the sauna. The heat lets everything penetrate deeply into the skin and helps the hair oil do it's magic :)


XOXO Gabriela

Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

Editor's Cult Staple - The Tonic That Everybody And Their Mother Are Obsessed With

For years, Beauty Experts and  Editors from around the world swear by Biologique Recherche's P50 lotion. It's often called the best beauty product of all times and with skincare goddess Caroline Hirons and beauty genius Emily Weiß loving it, there must be something about it, right?

What is it and what makes it so great?
BR P50 is an exfoliating toner that at the same time strengths the skin barrier and gives it the most perfect glow. It fights acne and clears the skin up, prevents further blemishes and ingrown hairs and refines the skin texture. It also helps with diminishing sun spots and is supposed to soften wrinkles. Overall the skin tone and texture is getting more even and radiant (sounds too good, to be true? Right, that's what I thought as well).

The tonic comes in three different strengths, that are formulated for different skin types. If a skin is used to acidic formulations, it usually can tolerate a higher concentration of the P50, though it's always recommended to ask the BR people about which one to use.

So there are:

P50 The classic and strongest one of the bunch (this is the one I use, as I have used acidic tonics on a regular basic before and my skin doesn't isn't sensitive towards the use of acids).

P50V The P50V is recommended for mature / drier skin types.

P50W This is the mildest formulation and great for sensitive skin. In general, this is the one the lovely people at BR recommend to beginners. 

In the US there are three more versions as they offer all the above ones also in the original 1970 formulation containing phenol. As this ingredient is banned in Europe we cannot get it here.

My experience
So after all the buzz, I finally gave in and purchased a small bottle of the P50. The bottle looks fancy and french and somewhat expensive (funny that, as it really is expensive). After cleansing my skin, I put a bit of the P50 on a cotton pad and patted it unto my dry face. The smell is not too great, though, as it smells like vinegar. Fortunately the scent doesn't linger too long around and after a few night it doesn't even bother me at all.

Sp after two month diligently sweeping the P50 over my face at night, I am officially hooked. Obsessed in the most maniac I-Can-Never-Ever-Be-Without-Way.  

I love, love, love the results. After a few days only my skin became brighter and more even. Since using the P50 I only had a minor breakout that was gone overnight. I had a few stubborn marks from previous breakouts that varnished completely in a few weeks (and yes, before P50 I regularly exfoliated my skin). Left is fresh, radiant skin. I mean, people even starting complementing my skin and asked for my skincare routine. It's crazy.

I also really feel that the serum I apply post-P50 is more effective and can deeply sink into my skin and do it's magic. Another plus to me is, that a little of the P50 goes a long way. After two month and with using it every night I have still 3/4 of the 150ml bottle left. 

It is safe to say that I am addicted to the P50 and probably use it forever. I even supplied my mom with a bottle of this liquid goodness (and guess what - she is obsessed, too!).

XOXO Gabriela

Montag, 4. April 2016

The drink that boosts your glow so much you'd be crazy to miss it


Although I love drinking coffee, over the last years I have been becoming a convinced tea-enthusiast. So on most days, I start with having a huge cup of green tea.

What's so great about green tea?

#1 Green tea gives longterm energy.
 Green tea contains a big amount of caffein, so it's great for kickstarting in the morning. Unlike the caffein in coffee, the one in green tea does take a bit more time to become effective in the body, but therefore it stays longer around. So instead of going full potential and regrade in a short time, leaving you even more tired than before, the caffein in green tea energizes slowly and steadily (think of marathon compared to a sprint).

#2 Green tea has so many health benefits it's crazy
Green tea leaves are loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals (besides their cool name, free radicals are destroying the cells from within your body and causing not only premature aging but can also lead to cancer). The antioxidants in green tea are also super powerful as they are 100 times more effective than the ones in vitamin c and 25 times more effective than the ones in vitamin e (source - unfortunately only in German). The components in green tea protect the heart, prevent arthritic and osteoporosis and many other diseases such as diabetic and obeseness. Green tea also boots your immune system and helps softening allergic reactions. 


#3 Green tea helps well-aging
As it contains so many powerful antioxidants, green tea helps aging well. It boots the skin up and prevents wrinkles and premature aging. Studies have shown, that people, who drink green tea on a regular basis, live longer and age slower than others. As a bonus, drinking enough hydrates the body from within and is therefore essential for the organs but also for fighting dehydration in the skin, which again provides dull skin and premature aging.

#4 Green tea tastes ah-mazing!
Even if you don't like the taste of pure green tea, there are so many great ones on the market, that are infused with rose petals or vanilla and taste desert-like. In general, I avoid tea in teabags as they are usually of inferior quality and produce so much waste. I prefer going to the local tea store and get some fresh and high quality tea. Surprisingly, this tea is way cheaper, than popping one tea bag in a mug as it's higher quality does mean you not only need less of it, good quality tea can also be brewed several times without losing it taste (I usually brew a pot green tea in the morning and use the tea two or three times through out the day again). 

If you don't have a local tea supplier, Kusmi makes lovely green tea (Love the DETOX and the Rose one!).

 #5 How to make the perfect cup (or can) of green tea:
Boil water and then let it cool down for three minutes (this way, the temperature should be around 75 to 80° which is crucial for keeping all the mentioned health benefits and getting the full aroma). Then, infuse the tea with the water and let it sink in for three minutes. You can use a tea-egg, if you don't want to make a whole can (I usually go for the whole can though).

Afterwards, remove the tea and enjoy!

XOXO Gabriela 

Freitag, 1. April 2016

How To Survive A Weekend Getaway Without Bringing Your Whole Closet

via Vogue - source
Everybody who knows me, knows that I have a (strong) tendency to overpack. Only the strong travel light - mmh then I'm probably not so strong than I would like me to be. However, over the years and countless stressed-out moments at the security check at the airport or while trying to close my suitcase, I learned a few tipps and tricks on how to pack (relatively) light and still be prepared for everything that might happen on the trip.

Before stuffing my whole closet into a always way too small suitcase I ask my self a few questions:

#1 aka The Obvious Ones: Where am I going? A trip to my boyfriends parents might require a way different wardrobe than going skiing or on a city trip. Closely connected to this question is: What are my plans? Only lying on the beach and sipping fruity cocktails? No need for five pairs of High-Heels but a few bikinis and killer sunglasses are a must.

#2 Build your outfits around basics. Jeans and a crisp white blouse look always great no matter what. For dressing down I would throw on some sandals and delicate jewelry and be good to go for the daytime. At night, a nice pair of heels and a great clutch will transform the basic outfit into a night time- fancy-restaurant-approved outfit. Oh, and don't forget a nice lipstick! 


#3 Which leads me to... The Extra aka No-Such-Thing-As-Too-Much-Bling! Spice up everything with a few outstanding accessoires! I love a great pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace or a nice statement heel for going out. Make sure to bring a great handbag that can work both day and night (though bringing a little clutch never hurt as as well..). I love my Givenchy Antigona, though for a city trip I would bring a great crossbody bag, like this beauty from Gucci. Switching up the accessoires game allows you to wear your basics and still look different and polished every time. 

via vogue - source

#4 The Emergency Kit: Spilled tomatoes sauce or ice-cream residues on a white shirt or fluff on a black coat is never a good look. Never. So bring a small bottle of laundry detergent (I always decanter into these small bottles by MAC - they are the best in my opinion) and a fluff roller and always immediately take care of your clothing. This is not only better for your clothing (no, stains don't get better overtime) but for your look, too. I also never regretting bringing a safety pin, a small needle and some emergency fibre.

#5 The Beauty Break Down. Although I am obsessed with beauty, I always make myself go minimal for a weekend getaway. So I use samples (esp. for cleansers and eye creams - getaways or vacations are a great time for trying new products) or decanter my must-haves into the already mentioned MAC Bottles (although I should probably get a labeling machine... as the bottles do all look the same and I therefore need to sniff at the bottles for finding the right products- weird looks by everyone around included!).

Premature aging and early wrinkles? No, thank you! So no matter how small the space, I always bring some sunblocker with me. Also, a great perfume is also always a good idea. Usually, for short getaways I rely on samples, though this Tom Ford Perfume has sneaked it's way into my beauty case on way too many occasions (obsessed!).

The make up is simple and polished - some tinted moisturizer, concealer, cream blush, cream eyeshadow and a dash of powder is enough. Since I wear eyelash extensions and dye my eyebrows every week I can skip the rest. I also always bring a lip conditioner (This La Roche Posay one is my fave!), lip gloss and lipstick.

#6 Last But Not Least: Leave some space in your weekender for great souvenirs or a fancy little splurge. And if you forget to bring anything, relax! Nothing worse than being in a bad mood – so smile and be happy about having an excuse for buying a new shirt (or shoe, or lipstick – you get the idea).

XOXO Gabriela